Aerotec France – FLITELite’s New Dealer in France

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Aerotec Group est fier d’être à présent le nouveau distributeur des produits FLITELITE sur le territoire français.
Spécialiste de la vision nocturne, fabricant et intégrateur de solutions complètes dédiées au vol sous Jumelles de Vision Nocturne, Aerotec Group propose :

  •  Balisage tactique lumineux pour héliport de campagne compatible JVN
  •  Retrofit des éclairages hélicos, avions, ou véhicules pour compatibilité JVN
  •  Jumelles de Vision Nocturne Hela Mk2
  •  Moyens de test portables pour JVN, vérification pré-vol & vérification périodique (180 jours)
  •  Vérification périodique des JVN en laboratoire (suivant RTCA-DO275)
  •  Intégration et qualification des systèmes (STC)
  •  Qualification des éclairages et faces-avant suivant MIL-STD-3009

    Aerotec Group is proud to be the new FLITELITE distributor on the French territory.
    Night Vision specialist, Manufacturer and integrator of complete solutions dedicated to Night Vision Goggles Flights, Aerotec Group proposes :

  • NVG compatible Tactical Lighting Beacons for unprepared landing zones
  • Fixed wings, Rotary wings, or land vehicles upgrades for NVG compatibility
  • Hela Mk2 Night Vision Goggles
  • NVG test unit for preflight check or 180 days performance checks
  • NVG periodic performance checks in our dedicated lab (according to RTCA-DO275)
  • System Integration and Certification (STC)
  • Qualification of Lights & Panels according to MIL-STD-3009

How to install you FLITELite Lip Light Video

Rory from worked with the gracious volunteers from Airlift Northwest to shoot some great footage our our gear in actions.  Air Methods provides the aircraft and pilots.  Airlift Northwest provides the management and the medical crew.  Put together, they provide a blanket of safety and care over the Pacific Northwest.    We are lucky to have such great friends looking over us each day.  Everyday they save lives.

Please enjoy – we as much as you can enjoy a how to video…




Studio 4.24.15 (49 of 97)FLITELite GEN II or Classic (NextGen) lip lights for BOSE headsets. We include all four possible microphone adapters with each purchase. When installing, make sure that a little waterless hand cleaner is used to lubricate the boom.

The Classic (NextGen) light is now available in a custom program that has a 10 minute auto-off, low battery indication, and dimming built into the 50 gram switch. This is the lightest touch mechanical switch available. Unlike other lights, this light has a positive click, but does not latch, so overcoming Studio 4.24.15 (38 of 97)the mechanical resistance has been minimized to the maximum extent possible. The auto-off saves the batteries in case of inadvertent activation. The recessed LED’s increase the light discipline but limiting the arc of visible light to 30 degrees (vice over 200 with other lights).
Studio 4.24.15 (48 of 97) Studio 4.24.15 (39 of 97)

What type of auxiliary light works best in a Glass Cockpit

A customer called to ask, ‘what type of light and which color would work best in a glass cockpit?’

The short answer is soft white – unless your flying with night vision goggles, in which NIVIS White (best) or NVIS Green.  GTNSTACKa

The real issue is glare.  Included is a picture of the GNS 750 and one installed in a C206.  The C206 is a good example of mixed cockpit, some glass, some standard instruments.  Most of the controls and bezels though still require additional lighting.  The glass itself has a great anti-glare coating, and the new displays are great for daylight reading, so a FLITELite set to moderate intensity is not going to challenge the display or reflect in any appreciable manner.  This is also due to the filter we use, and the soft white LED we select that is cooler than daylight.



Consider the use of paper charts – still using them?  What about circuit breakers when things go dark, or even in when the don’t, night time can make them though to identify.  Placards, standby gauges, overheads, and controls (especially sticks that have multiple buttons) are places where even glass cockpits need some extra light.

Any thoughts to share – please let us know!




FLITELite Manufacturing Manual

We were recently building “Classic” NVIS GREEN lip lights – with the new programming developed for a special operations unit (ten minute auto-off, push button, dimming through the button, brightness memory, low battery indicator).  We plan on renaming this product line the NEXTGEN FLITELite.  This programming maximizes the utility of the lights  – low light signature, one button control, smart features, and NVIS compatibility.  Just received a great review from a happy Air Force unit at Davis Monthan AFB.

We had a professional photographer capture some images for a new production manual and quality assurance guide. One of the steps closer to the end of the process – welding the case and lid together/vulcanizing the wire harness.  Updating the production manual is not the sexiest thing to work on, but making sure that each new change, and all the nuance required is captured consistently for our customers.

NVIS Green, NVG Compatible lip light for use int eh aviation cockpit.
NVIS Green, NVG Compatible lip light for use int eh aviation cockpit.
LED Production - Welding
Ultrasonic Welding – the process creates a welded bond between the lid, case and cable jacket. The bond is precise, repeatable and environmentally friendly (no-epocies). The plastics are FDA approved, so no nasty chemicals or irritants.