Studio 4.24.15 (49 of 97)FLITELite GEN II or Classic (NextGen) lip lights for BOSE headsets. We include all four possible microphone adapters with each purchase. When installing, make sure that a little waterless hand cleaner is used to lubricate the boom.

The Classic (NextGen) light is now available in a custom program that has a 10 minute auto-off, low battery indication, and dimming built into the 50 gram switch. This is the lightest touch mechanical switch available. Unlike other lights, this light has a positive click, but does not latch, so overcoming Studio 4.24.15 (38 of 97)the mechanical resistance has been minimized to the maximum extent possible. The auto-off saves the batteries in case of inadvertent activation. The recessed LED’s increase the light discipline but limiting the arc of visible light to 30 degrees (vice over 200 with other lights).
Studio 4.24.15 (48 of 97) Studio 4.24.15 (39 of 97)

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