FLITELite in the News

Press Releases:

FLITELite Flashlights Product Launch: FLITELite announces the arrivals of FLITELite Flashlights

FLITELite GENERATION II Product Launch: FLITELite announces the launch of FLITELite GEN II

Win the FLITE of a LIFETIME!: Win a flight with APS Emergency Maneuver Training in an Extra 300L!

FLITELite Reinvents Light...Once Again!: Launch of FLITELite 1.5 - The factory installed FLITELite that does not require a battery pack! AVCOMM International raises the bar, installing FLITELite into the headsets at the factory!

FLITELite - NMSU Wins NASA Excellence in Engineering Award: NMSU NMTECH Center, A NASA Support Contractor earned the excellence in engineering award for work on FLITELite development.

Win a FLITE with Mike!: Win a flight with Mike Mancuso in his Extra 300L!

Coin Cell Pack Ready for Shipping!: The FLITELite coin cell battery pack with the CR2032 is ready for shipment. The new pack is compatible with all FLITELite products.

David Clark Headsets Fully Supported!: FLITELite now supports ALL David Clark Headsets!

First Official FLITELite Save!: A student pilot recently saved his night cross country from disaster after a total electrical failure with his new FLITELite!

NASA SATOP , NM 3-2-1 SATOP Newsletter: Article featuring how FLITELite benefited from NASA Assistance. We encourage other companies to contact us to learn how to access these great professionals. .pdf 1.8mb

Conquer the Night - OSHKOSH Product Launch: Momentum Interactive Press Release. Featured in Plane and Pilot, Aviators Guide, Pilot Getaways, GA News, Southern Aviator, and EAA Hotline. .pdf .3 mb