Student Pilot Uses FLITELite to Make it Home Safely

By Dave

FLITELite is the hands free flashlight for your aviation headset mic. Controlled by touching the infrared proximity sensor with your lip, FLITELite provides light instantly in emergency and normal situations. Our motto is Conquer the Night! Launched at OSHKOSH Airventure 2006 we logged our first save on the 24th of August, less than one month after product launch. Student pilot George Schrader recently proved how valuable it is to be prepared. He lost electrical power on a night flight, but was able to make it home with his FLITELite:

"Just wanted to let you know of one of your successes. I purchased a light for my son at Oshkosh. He is a student pilot trying to finish up his rating before beginning his senior year in high school. He was on a dual night cross country last Monday. About thirty miles from home he had a complete power failure. Your light saved the day. My son had also taken my high powered LED light. The high beam on the LED flashlight kept blinding him, but the FLITElite® had just the right amount of light and saved the day! It was the best $50.00 I have ever spent. Good luck with a Great Product!" - Bruce Schrader

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