How FLITELite Works

FLITELite is more than just a lip light. FLITELite is a lighting system that consists of:

  • GEN II FLITELite unit, computer controlled, dual sensor pilot light or a GEN One Dual Intensity pilot light.
  • Headset or Helmet Adapter (new adapters are free)
  • AAA Battery Pack
  • Optional Coin Cell Pack
  • Attachment accessories
  • AAA Batteries
  • Warranty

All FLITELite products are controlled by a microprocessor. Learn more about GEN II and GEN One. The adapter system means that your FLITELite has the perfect fit for your specific headset. Adapters are listed in the FLITELite store and on the size chart.

The New GEN II FLITELite is constructed using DuPont Pyralux Circuit Board material - the same material that is used in the Mars lunar landers. Sealed with a dielectric epoxy, and is 30% smaller, and more efficient than GEN One. The new version was developed to meet MIL-STD-3009, for Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) aircrew auxiliary and utility lighting. This light is also perfect for the General Aviation Cockpit.

FLITELite is perfect for normal and emergency use. During normal operations FLITELite is great for reading charts and approach plates. FLITELite fills in dark spots, improves gauge visibility, and brightens up areas without light such as fuel selectors, etc...During emergency operations, FLITELite makes the electrical failure much less of an event. FLITELite has already logged several saves after electrical failures.

Please contact FLITELite with any questions.