Press - FLITELite Flashlights

11 November 2011

FLITELite is proud to announce the arrival of FLITELite Aviator Flashlights. FLITELite Flashlights have a range of features including smooth, programmable dimming (L1-W and L-1G are fixed brightness), optimized colors of a specific night vision friendly soft white and green.

FLITELite uses aviation experience to build in the right lights for aviation applications. Often, the issue is one of the LIGHT BEING TOO BRIGHT. Aviators need to have the ability to practice light discipline, and quickly ensure that the proper amount of light is available for the specific task. So with FLITELite flashlights the user is able to have just the right amount of light. No more blinding yourself or the other people in the cockpit. For pre-flight, you are able to have instant access to bright, focused light. If the light is needed in a survival situation, battery life is extended by setting the light to the minimum setting.

See FLITELite in action at Available from Oregon Aero, Aircraft Spruce, Arizona Aviation Supply, Fight and Flight Tactical, and other great retailers.

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