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FLITELite GEN II is available through GSA MAS 084 contract # GS07F131DA. Contact DANIEL L SMITH USAF (RET.), PACIFIC DEFENSE SUPPLY, LLC, Cell: 360-464-7938,

FLITELite GEN II was developed for the wide range of applications specified by the Military in MIL-STD-3099 (More on the MIL-STD) for air crew station and utility lighting. The MIL-STD specifies NVIS White for aircraft crew and utility lighting. Operations under NVG require a light that is only moderately visible to the goggles - they allow a small 'leak' of a specific wavelength of light to get through - and at a certain intensity, making the STD difficult to meet. FLITELite is able to provide the full spectrum light, that will not harm night vision, and is compatible with the Night Vision Goggles.

Many units fly a mix of headsets and helmets. Only FLITELite includes all the adapters required for each of the aviators headsets/helmets. If the aviator needs to switch between equipment, the adapters stay on the equipment, making switching easy.

For crew stations, FLITELite is ideal for the BOSE headset, all David Clark Headsets, and nearly every other headset made. The light is an ideal task light for crew stations with the one hour auto off. No more coming back to your station with a dead light, since the switch was accidentally left on. Also, the attachment is custom to the headset - no zip ties and tape to attach. FLITELite is equally at home on Helmets - with the new FL34M helmet adapter.

FLITELite provides military units with spares and free coin cell battery packs with each order. When you deploy with FLITELite, you already have your customer support with you in advance. We mail to FPO/AP addresses, and take government impact cards.

Contact at 877-579-8853, or military @

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