FLITELite Photos

FLITELite Crew heading out for some R&D...

Our new FLITELite GEN II that meets MIL-STD-3009 for NVIS Compatibility

Our Star Sales Person negotiating the details of our contract to provide FLITELite Dual Intensity Pilot Lights to Sporty's:

Development of a new Adapter system for motorcycle police - from receipt to prototype in FIVE DAYS - production molds complete in two weeks...

First is a 3D Model of the microphone:

Second we create an assembled model for a virtual test:

Three days later we have the prototype from the lab and it works great!

Development of a new David Clark wire boom model. Headsets courtesy of David Clark

Development of a new AVCOMM wire boom model. Headsets courtesy of AVCOMM.

Our First OSHKOSH Customer, he is now somewhere overhead, comfortable and in command with FLITELite illuminating his cockpit. The best aviation headset light available.

The first working FLITELite prototype, before the Stealth Fighter Styling.

Our young model...