FLITELite Classic PLUS Soft Touch Green & NVIS White LED

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PDF version of the CLASSIC PLUS specification sheet.

FLITELite CLASSIC PLUS Soft Touch Dual Color Pilot Light combines the function of the GEN II with the simplicity of the Classic soft touch switch control. All functions are controlled through a single switch.

The GREEN/NVIS White filtered version combines one GREEN LED and TWO WHITE filtered LEDs. It was developed to meet MIL-STD-3009, for Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) aircrew auxiliary and utility lighting. This light is will work for the non-NVG equipped cockpit, but the White or Green version will deliver the same performance at a lower price. The filtered standard version has a maximum brightness allowed, so this version will be more dim than other colors.

FLITELite comes complete with:

  • CLASSIC PLUS Soft Touch FLITELite unit, computer controlled, pilot light available in:
    • White - Green
    • Red - Green
    • White - Red
    • Green - NVIS White
  • Headset or Helmet Adapter (new adapters are free, only shipping is charged)
  • AAA Battery Pack
  • Optional AA Battery Pack
  • Optional Coin Cell Pack
  • Attachment accessories
  • AAA Batteries
  • Warranty

Many military and civilian aircrew that fly with Bose, David Clark, or Lightspeed headsets will appreciate the custom fit of the FLITELite adapter system.

The CLASSIC PLUS function is controlled through one switch:

  • Press the button for on.
  • Press the button for off.
  • Press the button and hold when OFF, and the light switches from one color to the other
  • Press and hold the button when ON, and the light dims and gains brightness until released
  • Brightness goes into memory and is recalled when turned on
  • Battery life is protected by a computer controlled sixty minute auto-off.
  • The light is filtered through a special (and expensive) NVIS filter material on Night Vision Goggle compatible versions, and through a non-glare filter on Red, Green, and Soft-White versions.

Internal components are the highest quality, FLITELite is made in America. Design flexibility is achieved by using a specially designed circuit board, the same material used in the Mars Lander. The light is controlled by proprietary software. All of the components are sealed by a dielectric epoxy to protect your investment before being ultrasonically welded into the case.

FLITELite is perfect for normal and emergency use. During normal operations FLITELite is great for reading charts and approach plates. FLITELite fills in dark spots, improves gauge visibility, and brightens up areas without light such as fuel selectors, etc...During emergency operations, FLITELite makes the electrical failure much less of an event. FLITELite has already logged several saves after electrical failures.

This light meets or exceeds the specifications of NSN 6240-01-362-4902 in the Classic green color and NSN 6230-01-452-5803 in the white and green Classic Plus version. Switch pressures for the FLITELite versions are measured at 2.8 grams of force, which is 10-15% lower than other stock system lights available making them easier to use. FLITELite versions have auto-off, dimming, memory brightness and other features (as noted by version) at a much lower price, with a full service warranty, direct to the user

Please contact FLITELite with any questions.

  • Model: FL-ClassicPLUS-GNN White LED
  • Manufactured by: Momentum Interactive

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