Maxillofacial Shield Lip Light

  • Three component Night Vision Imaging System maxillofacial shield lip light
  • Three component Night Vision Imaging System maxillofacial shield lip light
  • Three component Night Vision Imaging System maxillofacial shield lip light
  • Close up of junction box component on Flitelite maxillofacial shield NVIS lip light
  • The Flitelite Maxillofacial Shield NVIS Lip Light
  • Side view of installed Flitelite Maxillofacial Shield NVIS lip light


Maxillofacial Shield Lip Light


FLITELite Maxillofacial Shield Light is developed to meet MIL-STD-3009, for Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) aircrew auxiliary and utility lighting.  These lights are custom built to specification for the user and ship fully assembled.  Users that would like a retrofit to their existing FLITELite lip light should contact FLTIELite directly for a quote.

The light consists of three components:

  • Boom Microphone Light - Choice of GEN II or Operator
  • Face Shield Light - Choice of NVIS White, NVIS Green or Combination
  • Junction Box - Shares power between both microphone lights.
  • Power Pack - a nylon battery pouch and holder

Operation and Functions:

  • When the face shield is removed:
    • Lip Light on Boom Mic acts as normal
  • Face Shield Install
    • Install the Face Shield (no need to remove helmet)
    • Plug in the face shield light into the junction box 
    • Interlock removes power from the boom mic light at the junction box.
      (this removes the possibility of lighting up the inside of the users face-shield and visor with identifying or distracting light)
    • Press the face shield light to activate
    • Press the face shield light to turn off, or wait, the light has a ten-minute auto-off.
    • Press and hold to change the brightness of the face shield light (or change color on multi-color models)


  • Remove/Install: remove or replace the Face Shield and Light while wearing the helmet - no need to remove the helmet to get up and running
  • Gloves: Good ergonomics and detents allow the user to plug/unplug the face shield light even with gloves on.
  • Minimal excess design: The face shield light connection wire is just the right length to place the junction box at the mic boom adjustment tensioner.  Velcro the junction box to the helmet for extra security (included).
  • 10 Minute Auto-Off
  • Low battery indication - a single flash with 10 hours remaining
  • Brightness Control - single button control
  • Brightness Memory
  • NVG Compatibility
  • Recessed LED's for excellent light discipline and minimum light exposure.

*Please Notes:  The LEDS colors are not on at the same time, images show both on for illustration only.

FLITELite comes complete with:

  • Choice of Boom Mic Light
  • Choice of Face Shield Light
  • Junction Box on Boom Mic Cable
  • Headset or Helmet Adapter (new adapters are free, only shipping is charged)
  • Choice of Battery Pack
    • 3 Cell AAA Battery Pack
    • 2 cell AA Battery Pack
    • Optional 2 cell AAA Battery Pack (4.5 volts for brighter light)
    • Optional Coin Cell Pack
  • Attachment accessories
  • AAA Batteries
  • Warranty

Internal components are the highest quality, FLITELite is made in America. Design flexibility is achieved by using a specially designed circuit board, the same material used in the Mars Lander. The light is controlled by proprietary software. All of the components are sealed by a dielectric coating to protect your investment before being ultrasonically welded into the case.

FLITELite is perfect for normal and emergency use. During normal operations FLITELite is great for reading charts and approach plates. FLITELite fills in dark spots, improves gauge visibility, and brightens up areas without light such as fuel selectors, etc...During emergency operations, FLITELite makes the electrical failure much less of an event. FLITELite has already logged several saves after electrical failures.

*Please note: images may display colors other than noted in product description

Pick Your Light

Choose the Micro, GEN II, Operator, Classic, or Fingerlight, Power Station, or MOLLE Light

Choose Your Adapter

Pick your lip light adapter and preferred battery pack - or just shoot us a mic picture and we can select for you.


Mount your new kit on your mic boom, light up with a finger light or power station and OPERATE!