Aviator Flashlights - Tactical Aviator Series

FLITELite Tactical Aviator Series flashlights are designed specifically for and operators working in the aviation environment. Compare the flashlight types and features by choosing the flashlight comparison chart or flashlight image to expand.

All the flashlights in the series are made with rugged aluminum housings, utilize CREE LED's, have a crenulated bezel, are waterproof and shockproof to one meter. Our lights are designed for where light discipline is important. We give the operator the ability to program the brightness into memory, but still access low and bright modes with single clicks. Flashlights include:

  • Models include :
    • A7 - tail cap switch control with adjustable focus ring
    • A6 - tail cap switch control, fixed lens version of the A7
    • A1 - barrel switch, compact version of A6
    • L1 - 2 cell pen light with special 'moon' focus lens
    • A3 - 1 cell compact pen light
  • Available in:
  • Optional NVIS Filter
  • RED LED by Special Order

FLITELite Tactical Aviator Series Flashlights model A7, A6, A1 have a programmable microprocessor. It receives information from the tail cap (A7/6) or the barrel switch (A1):

  • Press and click the switch - it turns on in memory mode
  • Bump and hold the switch without clicking and the brightness level changes
  • Release the bump and the memory light level is set
  • Bump and release the switch to cycle between memory - low - bright
  • Press and click to turn off
  • The programmable flashlights always turn on in memory mode
  • The L1 and A3 are not programmable lights


Please contact FLITELite with any questions.