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FLITELite Frequently Asked Questions (click tabs to expand)

How Does FLITELite GEN II Function?

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Does FLITELite come in another color, will white light hurt my night vision?

We have a great deal of information on night vision and light selection on our night vision page. FLITELite GEN One is only available in Soft White. FLITELite GEN II is avialable in MIL-STD-3009 NVIS White, Soft White, Blue, Green and Red.

How to attach FLITELiteto your microphone boom

Each adapter is designed to work with a specific type of headset microphone. Check to ensure that the fit is proper. Some units include a piece of double sided tape for extra fit assurance. If the unit is transferred several times, it might be necessary to replace the tape. Test fit the unit without removing the tape backing. Place the adapter with the light housing slot on the bottom of the microphone. Decide if left or right microphone placement is desired. Once the test fit is complete, remove the tape, place the adapter firmly on the microphone, and attach the light housing.

Ordered the wrong unit

Please check the list of adapters online. Adapters have very specific fits. It is important to make sure that you choose the correct adapter by brand and model when ordering. There is no universal adapter, for the FLITELite system, and a force fit is not recommended. If you do not see your adapter, or have difficulty choosing the right adapter, please e-mail or call customer service. If you have the wrong adapter, or a broken adapter, please contact customer service and we can get the correct adapter to you for your headset.

Battery Life

The life of AAA batteries will be up 200 hours of continuous use respectively. The unit should be available for up to 12 months of standby time. The total amount of lighting time depends on factors such as battery quality, battery type, temperature, and the combination of standby hours and actual use. The CR2032 Lithium cell will provide up to 75 hours of continuous use and 4 months of standby time. FLITELite is not responsible for battery corrosion or leakage - check the batteries for signs of corrosion often and change of required.


A limited warranty applies to your FLITELite purchase. For service or repair, please call or e-mail our customer service unit for an RMA number. Be sure to include the RMA number, a copy of the sales receipt, a description of the problem, and return mailing and contact information, with the unit to:

FliteLite™ Service
Momentum Interactive LTD
1201 Birch Falls Drive Bellingham WA 98229

GEN One unit will not turn on

FLITELite detects sunlight. If the unit detects sunlight or incandescent light, the unit will automatically shut down to prevent wasting battery life. In all light conditions one LED will flash to show that the unit is working properly. If the unit is connected to fresh batteries, and no dim flash is detected, please contact customer service.

Shipping Cost

The shipping costs associated with some warranty claims will be charged against the credit card provided with the warranty claim.

Insurance Claim

If your item was insured during shipping, and lost by the carrier, please contact the carrier directly with the tracking number and insurance claim.

How to buy a new adapter

If you change headsets, or break an adapter outside of the warranty period, please contact customer service via e-mail, be sure to include your phone number and a good time to call.

Parts orders

The FLITELite is a sealed unit. Opening the unit LED housing violates the warranty and will not be replaced. If a unit becomes inoperative and the warranty period is in effect, please follow the service instructions. Component parts are available, light units, adapters, and battery cases. As always, if you need help, please e-mail customer service and be sure to include your phone number and a good time to call.

I do not see my headset listed as supported

If you do not see your headset listed as supported, please contact customer service by e-mail or phone. It is not recommended that a headset unit be purchased unless specifically listed as a proper fit. The adapter will not "force fit" on a non-listed headset.

Do you have a FLITELite available that uses longer lasting lithium batteries?

FLITELite is always working to improve its products and we now have a new low profile battery pack available as an upgrade to your FLITELite. The new pack uses a single CR2032 battery. This battery packs 320 MaH into the single cell. The AAA pack works nearly 3 times a long, but the new pack weighs less than an ounce and will provide between 75 and 100 hours of continuous use.

Do I have to Disconnect the Batteries - the holder will not stay in unless the batteries are connected?

We over estimated the light power usage in the field before we went to market. You can leave your batteries plugged in. The issue is, that once the batteries are dead - that there can be battery leakage and corrosion. There is a small trickle charge that takes power all the time - very small, but the microprocessor goes into a deep sleep to save batteries, but it will keep the batteries healthy. You might notice that the first time you use it, it does not respond as well, then it reacts normally. It takes one activation to wake up. Just leave the light plugged in if you fly regularly (monthly), but check the battery for leakage and corrosion each time you fly. If you have long periods between flights - disconnect.

Is there a better way to attach the battery pack than with the hook and loop that came with the unit?

We tested the unit on many headsets with flat or nearly flat places,which is the reason for the flat pack. Two customers have reported back with great ways to attach the pack. One customer cut two foam wedges, creating an angle-angle-angle solution. Robert Carter sent in this picture of his David Clark solution. He mounted it upside down with two velcro strips (nice job Bob):