FLITELite Lip Light Comparison Chart

Choosing a FLITELiteā€¦click the chart to expand

FLITELite has four models of lip lights:

  • GEN II Dual Sensor
  • Classic Plus - Soft Touch
  • Classic - Soft Touch
  • Gen One
The factors that differ between the lights are:
  • Sensor type or Switch Type
  • One or Two Controls
  • Available Colors
  • Dimming Control
  • Auto-Off Time
Each model of light is compatible with the FLITELite custom adapter system - any light will fit into any adapter. Every light is compatible with AAA, AA, and CR2032 coin cell battery packs (**).

** Some GEN II lights made from 2011 through 9/2012 may be CR2032 battery pack adverse due to a change in the sensor provided by ATMEL. This is corrected in new models shipping 10/12.