FLITELite - About Us

Flight & Tactical Instructors

Momentum Interactive, LLC. is a company comprised of fixed and rotary wing aviation professionals with a passion for aviation technology. Our designers hold military and civilian flight designations, in fixed and rotary wing aircraft. On the civilian side, we are proud to participate in the Master CFI certification program. Master CFI's and military aviators have designed and tested all Momentum Interactive Products. Our designers also have ground and flight tactical experience that goes into every product we create.  


Momentum Interactive, LLC. was founded as an aviation training company. We developed easy to use, computer aided, and computer based learning tools. We created high-quality, interactive products intended make the Flight or Ground Instructor's job easier. After successful integration, our aviation software arm was merged/sold to Jeppessen. 

Concurrent with our merger we started working on FLITELite development. Working with NASA SATOP, XL Synergy, and Mireles Creative, the team has been able to deliver a new product to the market for 2006.

We were originally located in El Paso TX and Santa Teresa NM, right below V16 - the classic airway non-aspirated aircraft use to transition the lower forty eight states. Surrounded by White Sands Missile Range, University of Texas El Paso, Biggs Army Airfield, Ft. Bliss, the new Future Weapons Systems development facility, New Mexico State University, and numerous other R&D facilities.  The area is a goldmine of innovation and technology.  

While we maintain a presence in the Southwest, we moved to the Puget Sound just North of Seattle. This has helped us take advantage of the Puget Sound technology corridor, the skiing, mountain biking, and our partners located to our North.

We have relationships with all of the major aviation headset manufacturers. They are supporting our effort to accessorize their product and improve flight safety. We are believers in the concept of better hands free lighting. Additionally we have found that the custom operational features in our products bring great benefit to the aviator and tactical operator.  We have developed new relationships in the tactical community and are expanding our other connectivity and touch sensor technology into new applications.

One Size Does Not Fit All

We stand behind our products. As new ideas flourish, more and more niche products are available. One size does not fit all, tactical operators and aviators are particular about their gear and should be. What is perfect for one person is not right for someone else. We wish we could make everyone happy with every product, but sometimes it is not a good fit.  We try to make you happy with customer service and the understanding that we want you, the customer to have exactly what you need. This means it might be made by someone else, we just want you to be happy, safe and satisfied.  If you have an idea - reach out - if we can't build it, maybe we can help you get started with your own production.