NVIS White Finger Light Pro (FGP-N)

  • NVIS White Finger Light Pro
  • NVIS White Finger Light Pro
  • NVG Finger Light full spectrum white
  • FLITELite Finger Light
  • NVIS White Finger Light Pro for tactical and aviation purposes
  • Finger Light Pro
  • FLITELite Finger Light Pro
  • NVIS White Finger Light
  • NVG Finger Light in full spectrum NVIS white
  • FLITELite Finger Light Pro in NVIS White


NVIS White Finger Light Pro (FGP-N)


NVIS White Finger Light Pro - We are proud to launch the latest version of the popular NVIS White Finger Light. The new Pro version powers a 3mm White LED specifically selected to match a laser cut NVIS White filter material.


  • NVIS White compatible
  • 10-Minute Auto-Off
  • Low battery indication
  • Dimming with brightness memory
  • Easy to load batteries
  • Batteries included
  • Excellent weather resistance

Batteries load like a PEZ dispenser (similar to the FLITELite Microlight).  The light uses 3 Silver Oxide 389/390 batteries.  The battery door is a silicone molded part that has excellent elemental and drop resistance.

The 3mm LED is recessed inside inside the body of the light. This means less lateral visibility, ideal to reduce canopy glare and increase light discipline. It was developed to accommodate the F-22, and was tested with several rotorcraft types.

NVIS White is a full spectrum light - that means great goggle compatibility with no missing colors.  Helps protect your night vision when flying unaided - our color of choice when we fly.

It attaches to your flight glove with Velcro One-Wrap™, and has an integrated, battery saving 10-minute auto-off. Simply touch the button and light will shine wherever the pilot points.  Press and hold the button and light will cycle from low to high bright - release when the brightness is set where you prefer and that setting goes into memory.  If the battery power is low - the light will blink when powered up to advise it is time to change the batteries.  Perfect for complicated lower panels, radio tuning, and searching for circuit breakers.

The integrated LSR button cover and battery door combine with the ultrasonically welded case to provide excellent durability. 

Comes in either a single or three pack.

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