Light Selection - Choosing a Lip Light Model

Lip lights come in three models:

  • GEN II - Touch Sensor Controls
  • Operator/Classic/Classic Plus - Soft Touch Switch (rear/mouth facing)
  • Micro Light - push button (forward facing)

Batteries:  The GEN II and the Operator/Classic have a battery pack with choice of batteries connected via wire.  The Micro has the battery pack onboard.

Auto-Off: We include a battery saving auto-off in our lights:

  • GEN II - 60 Minutes
  • Operator - 10 Minutes
  • Classic/Classic Plus - 60 minutes
  • Microlight - 10 Minutes (we are considering extending this to 30 minutes)

When it comes to the auto-off, the Operator and Micro have a shorter time to help reduce light signature in case the operator inadvertently turns the light on.  For the other lights, the primary consideration was battery life savings.

Here is a .pdf of the Light Comparison Chart.