The microlight uses three AG-10 batteries.  There are two types, Silver Oxide and Alkaline.  Silver Oxide can last as long as three times more that Alkaline.  

The types that fit are:  
6135-99-796-0471 NSN

If you are flying with Night Vision Goggles choose NVIS White or NVIS Green.  If you are not using goggles, most pilots choose the soft white or red lights.  FLITELIte colors are specifically selected.  We used assistance from NASA to select the color spectrums and testing to develop our own filter part numbers.  Our NVIS lights are generally invisible to night vision goggles - try our lights - they have the best color spectrum available.

A list of of the adapters we fit are listed here on the adapter list.

We have a broad range of helmets and headsets we can fit.  If we don't have a solution, we can usually generate a 3D printed solution for you.  

Installation of a lip light on the helmets or headsets use specific adapters.  The adapters come in kits - Bose, David Clark, Lightspeed, Helmet, etc..the adapter is engineered to fit.  Install the adapter, slide in the light, connect the battery pack and you are in business.

ALSE/Life Support/Avionic Shop professionals will appreciate the custom fit.  No need to remove zip ties and adhesives to change the light!  You headset deserves a modern engineered fit.  See the video here.

There are four battery packs available for lip lights that have external battery packs.  The 3 Cell AAA and 2 Cell AA packs come in a nylon pouch - perfect for helmets and headsets alike.  

The 3 cell AAA pack is mainly for NVIS White lights to brighten the light for pilots that need additional brightness.  This pack is not compatible with the Red light - it can damage the red LED's.

The coin cell pack and 2 cell AA packs offer a lighter weight and smaller package - but battery life suffers as well.  

The coin cell pack uses a single CR2032 battery. This battery packs 320 MaH into the single cell. The AAA pack works nearly 3 times a long, but the coin pack weighs less than an ounce and will provide between 75 and 100 hours of continuous us operation.  As the battery gets bigger - the length of time the light can operate grows.  

I (the owner of the company) use the Nylon packs on both my helmet and my headset.  I cannot personally tell the difference in weight, and the long battery life is more important to me.  I change batteries about every other year.

We should have the micro light (no external pack) available soon.

Failures are rare.  However, if your light does not work, let us know.  Generally the issue is a power.  The connection in the battery pack or cable connector is broken.  We want to help and get you up and running.   

We might not need the entire light kit back - it might just be a matter of sending you a new battery pack.

A limited warranty applies to your FLITELite purchase. For service or repair, please call or e-mail our customer service unit for an RMA number. Be sure to include the RMA number, a copy of the sales receipt, a description of the problem, and return mailing and contact information, with the unit to:

FliteLite™ Service
Momentum Interactive LTD
1201 Birch Falls Drive Bellingham WA 98229


Each adapter is designed to work with a specific type of headset microphone. Check to ensure that the fit is proper.  Use some waterless hand cleaner as a lubricant for the adapter.  If you need to remove the light - leave the adapter in place - you can just slide the light out of the adapter.

We have this video on getting up and running on a military helmet.

Installing a FLITELIte Lip Light

Here are some customer solutions and installations.  If you have one that you are proud of, please send us some pictures:

Customer Battery Installations

We combine adapters into kits - for example, Bose contains four adapters for all the current Bose models.  

That being said - we have a large number of 'off the menu' adapters.  Chances are we can accommodate you.  Please contact us with any questions.

If you do not see your headset listed as supported, please contact customer service by e-mail or phone. It is not recommended that a headset unit be purchased unless specifically listed as a proper fit. The adapter will not "force fit" on a non-listed headset.

We can always 3D print specialty adapters.

If you need an adapter for your headset or helmet, you can order a new one here:

Extra Adatpers

If it is a part for the light itself, The FLITELite is a sealed unit. Opening the unit LED housing violates the warranty and will not be replaced. If a unit becomes inoperative and the warranty period is in effect, please follow the service instructions. Component parts are available, light units, adapters, and battery cases.

As always, if you need help, please e-mail customer service and be sure to include your phone number and a good time to call.


If your item was insured during shipping, and lost by the carrier, please contact the carrier directly with the tracking number and insurance claim.   If you need help, we are happy to assist.

We want you to be satisfied with your product.  If you buy a light, and decide to change, we accept returns no questions asked but don't return shipping costs or pay for return shipping.

That being said, if we make a mistake, we make it right, or give you your money back.  The aviation and tactical communities are filled with great people so we have found that we rarely have any issues we cannot resolve.  

More information on our shipping policies are here

Choosing a lip light from the choices - this article can help with the selection.  

Feel free to call or write.  The more we know about your operations, the more we can help you make the right choice.