We tested the battery pack and light on many different headsets. Sometimes it is tough to find a flat (or nearly flat) place for the battery pack that fits your personal preference.

Two customers have reported back with great ways to attach the pack. One customer cut two foam wedges, creating an angle-angle-angle solution. Robert Carter sent in this picture of his David Clark solution. He mounted it upside down with two velcro strips (nice job Bob).


 Another Solution from Cary Alburn:

The mic on my new DC One-X is actually a bit smaller than the smallest of the adapters, and so is the flexible boom. I think in its quest to make the One-X light weight, DC has miniaturized the mic and its boom. So what I did was force the smallest adapter over the mic with the sponge wind cover still in place. The combination of the sponge and the rubber band that holds it on caused the adapter to fit just right. Then to take up the slack on the flexible boom, one slightly over lapped wrap of standard electrical tape on the flexible boom made the adapter snug. Voila!

Now where to put the battery box. On my previous installation of a Liplite on my DC 10-13.4, I mounted it on the earcup behind the place where the headband attaches, but the One-X has one of its ANR mic openings there. But I was able to put it on the headband, just above where the yoke connects. Works fine there, and looks very professional. Also, the coin cell battery box can be easily substituted, which I may do.

Very satisfied--and again I've been telling other pilots of the benefit of having a Liplite installed.