Choosing the Right Light, Adapter, Color & Night Vision

Light Selection:. Pick the light that is right for your application - a touch sensor, a push button with a rear facing switch, a push button with a forward switch, internal batteries, external batteries - this article can help you make a choice.  We are always happy to help make a selection.  FLITELite Dealers can help also - that is why your local shop is the place to go.

Adapters: Selecting the right adapter, finding the right fit?  The good news is that we cover nearly all communications options, the tough part is finding the right adapter - check here for more information.

Color Selection: We have a page on night vision and choosing the right color light for your application here.

The short answer is found by asking; Am I flying with NVGs?  

  • Yes - choose NVIS White or NVIS Green
  • No - If the answer is no - choose white or red.