FLITELIte™ Reinvents Light...Once Again!

FLITELite Reinvents Light...Once Again!

20 June 2007

FLITELiteet microphone, factory installed by AVCOMM Communications (www.avcomm.com). FLITELite’s remarkable new system powers the LED mini-light through the aircraft intercom without interference of audio system quality. The benefits are endless: never lose your flashlight again, never require batteries—always right there and ready to go. FLITELite controls are hands-free, just a gentle touch with your lip and you have a bright beam of light where you need it—give it a kiss and conquer the night.

FLITELite is proud to announce the introduction of our Version 1.5. Our new patent pending power module provides power to the LED's without a battery pack! AVCOMM Communications International worked with FLITELite to raise the bar. The new system installs FLITELite into the headset at the factory, now available from authorized AVCOMM dealers and at the FLITELite Store.

The new power module means no battery pack, no batteries to change, no worries about ever having to look around to find a flashlight again. The unit has a backup power system that provides 30 minutes of power in case of power failure.

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